Don't let my age fool you. I have been selling phone accessories and consumer electronics since I was 10 years old at my father's many stores. Over the years, I have learned the ins and outs of this business. I decided I wanted to start The PhoneKings Inc before I even graduated high school. I started working in flea markets every weekend, slowly growing more experience and sales.

That hard work taught me the value of ethics in any workplace. Today, I do trade shows every weekend selling to thousands of people, manage wholesale customers, and source directly from overseas suppliers, all while thriving in college.

My Mission

My mission at The PhoneKings Inc. is to provide value, quality, and service to all my customers. The key to my success is providing high-quality products at amazing prices, while also giving the best customer service imaginable.

I source products at good values, and I choose to pass that value along to you. Finally, I have made it my passion to build relationships with all my customers because I believe building relationships with people is the key to building a better future. 

While visiting China for a summer, I learned how I can improve my supply chain of products. During that trip, I secured quality vendors directly from the factories overseas to assure the best quality products right from the assembly line.

I design and manufacture my own products as well, and often get consumer electronics and other accessories before they are mainstreamed and mass marketed throughout the states. 

My Promise

I do not dropship products to you! All products are bought and stored domestically and tested prior to being shipped to you to make sure you receive your order quickly and you are happy with it. 

If you have any questions comments concerns anything at all please feel free to contact me! 

-Sol Taylor